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Hi im Wen Juinn (26), an illustrator/designer. I’m a freelancer and i have a strong passion toward arts, and creation drives me. I live and work in Malaysia. Able to work under pressure and get the job done in time. Welcome to my PortFolio.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Abandoned City

Abandoned city. People are leaving earth to a new planet. remaining some of the human behind.


A college assignment. a game cover art.
inspired fr mgs4

Under Construction

Currently im working on my own portfolio site, still in the process of learning how to use adobe dreamweaver. kinda fun but also frustrated on those codesssss.

my site still under construct, it might take some time to complete it. coz i sucks will codes.

Flood City

A concept art for college's assignment. took me quite some time to completed it. learn many interesting things while painting it. i used google sketchup for the buildings blocks and perspective as base, painted and matted on top of it.

Thanks to Digital Art Secrets. com for featured my work "Flood City" on their site. [link]

the article is about the making of "flood city" .

Child Soldier

A sad child soldier.


An Artemis fighting with 4 succubi, to stop them for entering the village.

i know Artemis and succubus both are fr different mythology, but i fused them all together, so tat they can have a pillow fight in the forest .. wooo

it was fun doing it, discover many new things tru out the drawing process.

A college assignment.

Happy RAWR Year

Happy Chinese New Year :D


Hmm.. just some practice and study on wet effect, skin color, natural elements.

Critiques and Comments are always welcome.

Dreams : Eternal Flame

I dream..... the passion for art will continue burning and growing in every artist's heart, and will burned eternally.

we inspired each other wit our passion.

Post Apocalyptic

A post apocalyptic scene. character idea inspired by GITS, appleseed, and fallout. 

A college assignment. this is just half way done, this is the digital reference tat i draw, next i need to turn this into traditional acrylic painting. arr.. traditional.... 

background i took it from the net, i forgot where i took it. i overpaint it wit atmosphere and mood.

Good or Evil

Good and evil is judge by the different point of view. It will totally change the whole judgment of the story, depend on what side you choose to believe.

Do you think the girl is good / evil?
Panic room for WW3. A room that have equipment to keep u alive, GUNS and AMMO... it have two exits. and also a 3 point perspective practice. hope u guys like it.

a witch on a turtle. a cool idea form my gal fren, so i draw it out.

drawing tiger and some sexy foxes together are fun. can practice on the sexy lines of action. ^^

Chronicles of Dream

A beautiful flower takes time to bloom, so do dreams. Dreams required time ,courage and a lots of hard work to come true.

a submission for : Digital Manga illustration Competition

Skate on the Horizon

Entries for the :iconpepperproject:

Pepper take a day off to skate on the horizon, she is enjoying the heights.

- Feature in Pepper Project Artbook.